Chinese Language and Culture Minor

Requirements for the Minor in Chinese Language and Culture

The minor in Chinese Language and Culture consists of five courses distributed as follows:

1. Two core language courses to be fulfilled by either

     Track 1: CHIN 202 and CHIN 301 or
     Track 2: CHIN 204, and one of the following: CHIN 306 or CHIN 307, or CHIN 310

2. Two non-language CHIN or EALC courses drawn from the offerings of faculty in the department, including one at the 300-level (not including CHIN 310):

CHIN 208, CHIN 209, CHIN 211/CHIN 311, CHIN 212/CHIN 312, CHIN 213/CHIN 313, CHIN 223/CHIN 323, CHIN 225, CHIN 230/CHIN 330, CHIN 231/CHIN 331, CHIN 232/CHIN 332, CHIN 243, CHIN 244/CHIN 344, CHIN 245/CHIN 345, CHIN 326, CHIN 338, CHIN 339, CHIN 343, CHIN 381 and EALC 221, EALC 225/EALC 325.

3. The fifth course may be a non-language course drawn from the above, an advanced language course (for Track 1, CHIN 302 or above; for Track 2, any of CHIN 306, CHIN 307, or CHIN 310), or, with the permission of the chair, a course with significant China-related content taken outside the department.

Students entering with advanced language preparation may substitute alternative literature/language courses as necessary with departmental permission. Students should work out their program in consultation with their advisors.