Psychology Concentration

Students concentrating in psychology must take PSYC 205 and one of 315R or PSYC 314R. PSYC 207R may be taken when approved by the student's advisor. In addition, students must elect at least two courses from the following list: CLSC 214, PSYC 215, PSYC 217, PSYC 218, PSYC 219, PSYC 301, PSYC 316, PSYC 318, PSYC 319, PSYC 328, PSYC 345

Linguistics Requirement: CLSC 216/PSYC 216 or CLSC316/PSYC 316.

Formal System Requirement for Psychology: One of CS 111, CS 112, LING 240, LING 244, or PHIL 216. For students planning to do graduate work in psychology, CS 112 is recommended.