Linguistics Concentration

Students concentrating in linguistics must elect at least four courses beyond the formal systems requirement and these must be from the following list. Three of these courses must be linguistics (LING) courses, including one 300-level LING course: LING 238, LING 240, LING 244, LING 246, LING 248, LING 312, LING 315 or LING 338. CS 235, EDUC 310, FREN 211 or FREN 308; PHIL 207, PHIL 216, or PHIL 333; CLSC 216/PSYC 216 or CLSC 316/PSYC 316. KOR 206 or KOR 256.

Students planning to do graduate work in sociolinguistics or experimental linguistics should take at least one course in statistics, preferably PSYC 105. Students are also encouraged to do research, for example, through an independent study or thesis or an MIT UROP. However, MIT UROP courses can only be used for elective credit within the major with prior approval of the major advisor. They do not count as LING courses or as 300-level units.

Linguistics Requirement: LING 114 or MIT 24.9

Formal System Requirement for Linguistics: LING 240 or LING 244 or appropriate equivalent MIT course

Students will also be expected to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language above the College’s foreign language requirement (at an intermediate level or above).