Requirements for the Art History / Studio Art Double Major

A double major in Art History and Studio Art must elect ARTH 100 or WRIT 107, eight additional units in Studio Art (following the requirements for the Studio major) and eight additional units in Art History, for a total of seventeen units. A minimum of two courses must be taken at the 300-level in Art History, and a minimum of two courses must be taken at the 300-level in Studio. The Art History requirements for the double major follow the requirements of the Art History major with two exceptions: 1) two (instead of three) courses are required that focus on the period before 1800; 2) two (instead of one) courses are required in nineteenth- to twenty-first-century art specifically. Therefore, the requirements are as follows:

  1. One course in the Americas
  2. One course in Africa, the Middle East, or Europe
  3. One course in Asia
  4. Two courses in the period before 1800
  5. Two courses in nineteenth- to twenty-first-century art: students should consult with their advisers to determine the courses best suited to fill these two units

Note: For the purposes of meeting the "17 units" requirement (See Academic Program, Other Requirements or Articles of Legislation, Book II, Article I, Section 8, A), Art History and Studio Art are considered separate departments. Courses in Studio Art are counted as units "outside the department" for Art History majors and courses in Art History are counted as courses "outside the department" for Studio Art majors.