Latina/o Studies Minor

Latina/o Studies brings together cultural studies, humanities, and social sciences to consider the histories, philosophies, social lives, and cultures of U.S. Latina/o communities. As a discipline founded after 1960s student protests and now widely established, Latina/o Studies shares its interdisciplinary focus on social inequalities and racial dynamics with other Ethnic Studies disciplines such as Africana Studies and Asian American Studies. Latina/o Studies, however, uniquely focuses on the experiences, cultures, and politics of people of Latin American descent living in the United States from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Learning Objectives for the Latino/a Studies Minor

Students minoring in Latina/o Studies will:

Course Requirements for the Latino/a Studies Minor

The Latina/o minor consists of five units:

  1. Either AMST 161, Introduction to Latina/o Studies or AMST 121, Ethnic Studies: Key Concepts, Theories, and Methods
  2. Two courses that examine Latina/o history, culture, and politics: AMST 217, AMST 235, AMST 290, AMST 323, AMST 325, AMST 327, WGST 216, WGST 218, WGST 223/CAMS 240, or WGST 326.
  3. Two courses that cover the larger contexts of race, ethnicity, immigration, economics, language, religion, education, and urban life that are relevant to Latina/os in the United States. To fulfill this requirement, the following categories of courses may be included in a Latina/o Studies minor.

To ensure that appropriate courses have been selected, students should consult with the program director or their minor advisor.

A maximum of two units, including AMST 161, may be taken at the 100 level. At least one unit must be at the 300 level. Four units must be taken at Wellesley. American Studies majors minoring in Latina/o Studies must decide whether to count an eligible course toward the major or the minor.