Asian American Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary field of Asian American Studies examines the lives, cultures, and histories of people of Asian descent living in the Americas. Emerging from the ethnic identity movements of the late 1960s, it has become an established academic field that encompasses history, sociology, psychology, literary criticism, political science, and women's and gender studies. It intersects significantly with the study of other minority groups in the United States and with the study of the Asia-Pacific region.

Learning Objectives for the Asian American Studies Minor

Students minoring in Asian American Studies will:

Course Requirements for the Asian American Studies Minor

The Asian American Studies minor consists of five units:

1. Either AMST 151 The Asian American Experience or AMST 121 Ethnic Studies: Key Concepts, Theories, and Methods

2. One course that examines race, ethnicity, immigration, or minority politics in the North American or South American context. To fulfill this requirement, the following categories may be included:

3. One course that examines history, culture, or politics in the Asian region. To fulfill this requirement, the following categories may be included:

4. Two courses on Asian American topics, such as AMST 116 /ENG 116 Asian American Fiction, AMST 212 Korean American Literature and Culture, AMST 232 Asian American Popular Culture, AMST 222/PSYC 222 Asian American Psychology; AMST 264 Asian American Labor and Immigration; AMST 306 Life Narratives: Research & Writing the Asian American Experience; AMST 310 Asian/American Politics of Beauty; AMST 314 Food and the Asian American Experience; CAMS 249/WGST 249 Asian/American Women in Film; WGST 267 Visual History and Memory: Representations of the Japanese American Internment Experience;  WGST 307 Techno-Orientalism: Geisha Robots, Cyberpunk Warriors, and Asian Futures.

To ensure that appropriate courses have been selected, students should consult with the program chair or their minor advisor.

A maximum of two units, including AMST 151, may be taken at the 100 level. At least one unit must be at the 300 level. Four units must be taken at Wellesley. American Studies majors minoring in Asian American Studies must decide whether to count an eligible course toward the major or the minor.