Computer Programming and Problem Solving

An introduction to problem-solving through computer programming. Students learn how to read, modify, design, debug, and test algorithms that solve problems. Programming concepts include control structures, data structures, abstraction, recursion, and modularity. Students explore these concepts in the context of interactive programs, data processing, and graphics or audio, using the Python programming language.

Students in this section will complete self-directed weekly labs. This section is intended for students who have some previous programming experience, but would benefit from more before taking CS 230. Students unsure about whether to take CS 111, CS 111X, or CS 230 as their first Wellesley CS course should complete the CS placement questionnaire.

Units: 1

Max Enrollment: 36

Prerequisites: Fulfillment of the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) component of the Quantitative Reasoning & Data Literacy requirement.

Instructor: Turbak

Distribution Requirements: MM - Mathematical Modeling and Problem Solving

Typical Periods Offered: Fall

Semesters Offered this Academic Year: Fall

Notes: Mandatory Credit/Non Credit.