Non-Fiction Writing

Topic for 2020-2021: Writing the Travel Essay

Topic for 2020-2021: Memoir

Topic for 2020-2021: Writing the Travel Essay

Taken a trip lately—junior year abroad, summer vacation, spring break? Looked back fondly or in horror at a family road trip? Turn your experience into a travel essay. We will be studying both the genre of the literary travel essay as well as the more journalistic travel writing found in newspaper travel sections and travel magazines. And, of course, we will be writing our own travel narratives. The course focuses on the essentials of travel writing: evocation of place, a sophisticated appreciation of cultural differences, a considered use of the first person (travel narratives are closely related to the genre of memoir), and basic strong writing/research skills. 

Topic for 2020-2021: Memoir

A workshop course on the study and practice of memoir, with the goal of making the autobiographical stories that matter to us, matter to our readers. We’ll focus on the essentials of memoir: generating and evaluating material, and developing voice, character, sensory details, structure, plot, conflict and tension, and scenes and dialogue. You’ll write two autobiographical stories, and then revise one. We’ll workshop each story as a class, and learn how to critique others’ work in order to better draft and revise our own work.

Units: 1

Max Enrollment: 15

Prerequisites: Open to students who have fulfilled the First-Year Writing requirement.

Instructor: Sides (Fall), Holmes (Spring)

Distribution Requirements: LL - Language and Literature

Semesters Offered this Academic Year: Fall; Spring

Notes: ENG 206 is a changing topics writing workshop that will each year take up a particular nonfiction writing genre. Please note that this course is not intended as a substitute for the First-Year Writing requirement. This is a topics course and can be taken more than once for credit as long as the topic is different each time. Mandatory credit/noncredit.