PSYC324 / EDUC324
Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing: Adolescent Sexual Health Communication in the Real World

Thoughtful communication about adolescents’ sexual health is a complex and often fraught issue. Many people have strong feelings and deeply held beliefs about what is right and wrong, what should be taught, and why. In this Calderwood Seminar, we will utilize small groups and collaborative editing to tackle how to communicate effectively with a wide range of audiences. We will explore ways to translate evidence-based research for a general population. All course assignments will consist of writing for public audiences, such as an op-ed, newspaper article, a blog for a teen or parent magazine, and an interview profile of a professional in the field. Students will learn about psychological research and evidence-based practice in health-promoting and developmentally appropriate communication with adolescents about sex and relationships.

Units: 1

Max Enrollment: 12

Crosslisted Courses:

Prerequisites: This course is limited to juniors and seniors. Students must have completed at least two 200-level courses in Psychology, Education, or Women's and Gender Studies.

Instructor: Grossman

Distribution Requirements: SBA - Social and Behavioral Analysis

Other Categories: CSPW - Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing

Typical Periods Offered: Fall

Semesters Offered this Academic Year: Fall