Stage Left: Chicanx/Latinx Theatre and Performance

This course serves as an introduction to Chicanx/Latinx theater and performance and the role that class, race, gender, and sexuality play in constructing identity on the stage. We will examine how members of the Chicanx/Latinx community-individuals often marginalized from mainstream theater productions-employ the public stage as a space for self-expression and resistance. Through an analysis of plays and theater/performance scholarship, we will identify common themes and important differences in the various productions. We will further consider how community, citizenship, and notions of belonging manifest themselves on the public arena of the stage. We will begin by studying the role of theater in the social justice movements of the 1960s and trace the changes that Chicanx/Latinx theater and performance have undergone in subsequent years.

Units: 1

Max Enrollment: 25

Prerequisites: None

Instructor: Mata

Distribution Requirements: SBA - Social and Behavioral Analysis; ARS - Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Film and Video

Typical Periods Offered: Spring

Semesters Offered this Academic Year: Spring